Veraxsys is a proven leader in automated test systems and testing services. We have a full spectrum of products and services covering the entire testing lifecycle, including design verification, interoperability testing, field testing, and operations and maintenance.

Our ULTRA Voice™ system automates communications system testing including voice quality measurement using the P.862 PESQ algorithm. ULTRA Voice™ is a many-to-many voice system tester ideal for complex radio system design verification and interoperability testing.

ULTRA Mobile™ is our distributed test platform. With ULTRA Mobile™, planning and conducting distributed field tests is as straight-forward as laboratory testing. Ideal for complex field testing of wireless voice, data, and sensor networks.

ULTRA ACTAV™ allows the user to measure and analyze valve-actuator performance and functionality. This integrated solution is scalable to meet the analysis and verification needs of laboratory, manufacturing and end-user applications.

Create your own custom PESQ voice quality analysis application quickly and efficiently using our VQAlib™.

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