ULTRA Voice™

ULTRA Voice™ is a many-terminal to many-terminal voice system tester ideal for evaluating complex wireless systems such as Project 25 (P25) land mobile radio and cellular push-to-talk (PTT). ULTRA Voice™ has the ability to control multiple radios and dispatch consoles simultaneously. A single terminal can talk to all other devices, or multiple talker-listener groups can be defined. The system is highly scalable, easily supporting hundreds of simultaneous calls. The system is controlled using a GUI-based test executive, allowing test scenarios to be developed, run, and saved for future use.  Figure 1 shows an overview of the system:

Figure 1: ULTRA Voice™ Overview

ULTRA Voice™ Block Diagram

All calls are analyzed using the ITU P.862 Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ) objective voice quality algorithm. The PESQ score can be mapped to a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) or, optionally, to a Delivered Audio Quality (DAQ) score.

Other analysis data available includes latency statistics (average, per frame, per utterance) as well as clipping statistics (front-end, tail-end, drop-outs).

Using the available control and analysis capabilities, many useful test scenarios can be generated and run including:

By properly structuring the test sequence, the performance of a communications system can be evaluated under actual operating conditions and load. Anomalous system behavior is discovered and corrected in the lab, not the field. ULTRA Voice™ can detect and report (partial listing):

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