ULTRA Mobile™

ULTRA Mobile™ is a distributed test system designed from the ground up for complex field test requirements. Distributed testing requires test systems located at different physical locations to carry out coordinated actions and/or measurements. Planning and conducting these distributed tests can be complex and error prone. ULTRA Mobile™ allows distributed tests to be planned and conducted as easily as lab-based tests. Among the capabilities of the ULTRA Mobile™ platform are:

Applications of ULTRA Mobile™ include:

Figure 1 below illustrates how ULTRA Mobile™, equipped with the RF and P.862 PESQ feature sets, can be employed to perform a complex field acceptance test for a Project 25 (P25) land mobile radio (LMR) system:

Figure 1: Application of ULTRA Mobile™ to Project 25 Land Mobile Radio System Field Acceptance Testing

ULTRA Mobile™ Overview

In this application, the distributed ULTRA Mobile™ system is performing multiple simultaneous test functions, including supporting two simultaneous drive test vehicles with talk-in and talk-out voice quality measurements. RF measurements are being taken at both vehicle locations as well as at two simulcast receiver locations. An ULTRA Mobile™ node is also originating and terminating voice quality measurements at a dispatch location.

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