Actuator Analysis & Verification

Valve actuators are widely used by industry in mission critical applications. Industries such as Water, Wastewater, Power, Chemical, Oil Refining, and Pharmaceutical depend on their flow control systems operating properly and reliably. Malfunctioning valve-actuating equipment can result in serious life-safety and environmental situations. Validating valve actuator design and verifying manufactured assemblies is essential for manufacturers and end-users.

ULTRA ACTAV™ is a SCADA application for analyzing and verifying valve-actuator performance and functionality. ULTRA ACTAV™ has an intuitive user interface and is fully integrated with National Instruments NI-DAQmx and NI-488.2 software. This integrated solution is scalable to meet the analysis and verification needs of laboratory, manufacturing and end-user applications. Figure 1 shows an overview of the ULTRA ACTAV™ system.

Figure 1: ULTRA ACTAV™ Overview


ULTRA ACTAV™ is architected with components of the ACTAVlib™. ACTAVlib™ is available as a stand-alone toolkit for applications developers who need to implement custom actuator verification systems.

Figure 2: ULTRA ACTAV™ Configuration

ULTRA ACTAV™ Configuration

Features of ULTRA ACTAV™ include:

Figure 3: ULTRA ACTAV™ Sample Output


Applications of ULTRA ACTAV™ include:

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